About Us

Iran Glass Wool Company (Public Joint Stock Company) is the first and largest manufacturer of thermal and acoustic insulation and the first manufacturer of prefabricated waterproofing under the brand name Izogam in Iran.

After the establishment of the company, its first factory was opened in Tehran in 1346 with the aim of producing glass wool based on the Tel process and using the technical knowledge of the French company Saint Goben and Onerskorning, and launched its product under the brand name of Izoran.

The initial production capacity of the factory was two tons per day, which after a while increased to ten tons, and following the growth of demand in the country, a new factory with a capacity of 30 tons of fiberglass per day was built in Shiraz. Simultaneously with this development, mass production of prefabricated waterproofing, which was started for the first time in the country in 1350 in Tehran factory of this company with the brand name of Izogam, continued with an increase in capacity of about 6 million square meters per year in Shiraz factory.

Due to the progress made in the field of fiberglass production lines, Iran Fiberglass Company with the aim of increasing production capacity and improving the quality of manufactured goods, the program of modernization and updating of its fiberglass production lines using the latest design and technology in the world and The old experience of its capable personnel with the participation of a reputable German company in providing a part of the required machinery and services, was compiled and realized in 2003.

In this regard, following the market demand for waterproofing so that it can compete with similar products produced by world-renowned companies, a new factory whose production line was designed and built entirely by a reputable European company in 2004 in the industrial area of ​​Eshtehard Karaj was launched, which will surely be a new chapter in the industry of production of waterproofing, which was founded more than 40 years ago under the brand name of Izogam by Iran Glass Wool Company.

Iran Glass Wool Company (Public Joint Stock Company) currently produces all kinds of insulation with the characteristics required by customers under national and international standards, with capable human capital, production machines and modern laboratory equipment. Due to the number and variety of insulations and features and technical coordinates of each and their wide applications, the sales engineering services unit of this company with experienced staff is always ready to provide consulting services and respond to applicants.