Primer is a type of water-soluble or solvent bitumen compound that is used to cover surfaces or surface substrates for the installation of prefabricated isogum insulation.


Installing prefabricated insulation on surfaces that are not slippery or have dust mites will not be of good quality. Primers can be used to prepare the surface for insulation. Also, due to the form of supply of this product, which is in the form of paste or liquid, it is possible to cover inaccessible surfaces with primers.


It is used as an anti-infiltration coating with water, as well as as a final insulating coating for metal pipes.

Isofundo with aluminum paste is the best coating for moisture insulation.


It is a paste that is diluted with water. After spreading on the desired surfaces, the water evaporates in 1 to 4 hours, and the remaining bitumen shows its anti-moisture and anti-penetration properties.

The residual film of this product cannot be dissolved after drying in water, the quality of this product does not change in the temperature between 4 to 120 degrees Celsius for 1 year.

It's humid.

 Packing in 17 kg containers


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Isopasta Water Primer

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