In the production of isochingel, a gravel isogum with a thickness of 2-3 mm is used, which can be supplied as parts of various shapes with multiplicative cuts. After installing beautiful designs, various forms of isochingel give gifts to the facade of the building.


The isogum products produced in Eshtehard unit of Iran Glass Wool Company with a thickness of 2 to 5.5 mm consist of one layer or two layers of strong carrier that have been integrated with polymer bitumen. Depending on the application, the carrier layers are 60 to 120 grams of Tishui and thermobond or non-woven polyester with different characteristics. In order to improve bitumen and its physical properties, SBS and APP modifiers along with other compounds are used to create desirable properties in the final product. Products containing SBS (styrene, butadine, styrene) to S type isogam and products in bitumen composition. They use the APP (Active Polypropylene) called isogam type A. Slate flake coatings, silica, talcum powder or aluminum foil have been used to reduce the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays and mechanical damage to the product, and to ensure adequate separation of the roll layers before installation.


High tensile strength, thermal stability and high flexibility of various types of isogum, isogam moisture insulation, they are used for all uses, including buildings and various structures, tunnels, swimming pools, bridges and sanitary facilities, for moisture insulation, as A single layer or a combination of layers is appropriate. It is possible to cover the working lines of Salat transmission lines to protect them from corrosion and decay due to weather and humidity factors or chemical environments by using a suitable layer of isogum products.

This product is a strong layer of a kind of modified bitumen with the best application polymers, SBS, which is thermobonded by a polyester layer.

Izoshingel is a new generation of moisture insulators that, in addition to protecting the building from snow, rain and hail, play an important role in the appearance and beauty of the building. And other rainy regions have been widely welcomed.


Isocyngel Moisture Insulation is an ideal cover for sloping roofs with an angle of more than 15 degrees. In ordinary buildings with a flat roof, the installation of isochingel in the roof and windows, the upper part of the head in houses and other buildings, the view of the building is attractive and beautiful. By using isochingel with different designs and colors to decorate and display walls with steep slopes in residential or commercial towers, it is possible to create original landscapes at low cost.


Easy to install

Nozzle cost compared to other methods

Very little load on the roof of the structure

Variety and beauty in designs and colors

Extraordinary resistance to snow, rain and hail

No need to take care of the roof in the long run

Sloping surfaces, non-flat roofs, walls and all surfaces that can be considered as building facades.

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